T h e  d u t y  o f  l o v e

T h e d u t y o f l o v e

by Rosario Stefanelli (Author)
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During their son's 18th birthday party, George and Lisa hand him an unusual envelope. 

"Tom opens the envelope and pulls out a sheet of paper. He begins to read with a smile. Then, looking at his father, his face takes on the features of wonder. George crosses his arms, as does his mother. The boy's face bears an expression of horror. A trickle of sweat disfigures his face. Silence falls. Everyone leaves. Tom is left alone with his parents.

At first it seems like a joke, then Tom realises that it is not. 

"What makes a child mature is the fact that his or her parents take him or her for granted".


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Publication date
August 09, 2021
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