Atmosphere-Ocean Modeling

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Coupled atmosphere-ocean models are at the core of numerical climate models. There is an extraordinarily broad class of coupled atmosphere-ocean models ranging from sets of equations that can be solved analytically to highly detailed representations of Nature requiring the most advanced computers for execution. The models are applied to subjects including the conceptual understanding of Earth's climate, predictions that support human activities in a variable climate, and projections aimed to prepare society for climate change. The present book fills a void in the current literature by presenting a basic and yet rigorous treatment of how the models of the atmosphere and the ocean are put together into a coupled system. The text of the book is divided into chapters organized according to complexity of the components that are coupled. Two full chapters are dedicated to current efforts on the development of generalist couplers and coupling methodologies all over the world.Contents:

  • Atmosphere-Ocean Interactions and Feedbacks
  • A Classification of Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean Models
  • Conceptual Models of Interannual Variability
  • Models of Intermediate Complexity and ENSO Prediction
  • AGCMs Coupled to Simpler Ocean Models
  • OGCMs Coupled to Simpler Atmospheric Models
  • Atmosphere-Ocean Coupled General Circulation Models
  • Coupling Software and Technologies
  • Coupling Algorithms and Specific Coupling Features in CGCMs

Readership: Students, academics and researchers in meteorology/climatology, and weather forecasting services.Atmosphere-Ocean Model;Interannual Variability;ENSO Prediction;Ocean Model;Atmospheric Model00

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27 juillet 2021
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