Beauty Shop Talk

Beauty Shop Talk

by Rhonda Trosky (Author)
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Author Rhonda Trosky has been a stylist since 1993, and over the years she has seen many clients leave the salon blessed by their time in her chair. People arrive with great anticipation of coming out looking like a different person, and sometimes the stylist can accomplish that—either by making their styling dreams come true or by terrifying the clients so much that they never return.

Cheerful and uplifting, Beauty Shop Talk presents a humorous faith-based collection of stories about the situations people experience at a beauty shop. From highlights and gray hair to split ends and beauty rituals, these short essays invite you to consider the role of faith in your everyday life and in the circumstances that arise in a salon. It offers joy and inspiration through an upbeat examination of things we may have dealt with at one point or another when attending to our appearances.

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July 28, 2021
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