Rocks, Socks, and Ugly Underwear

by Pine,Karen (Author)
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With the changing family dynamics, it can be difficult for children to see where they fit in. Whether it is a learning disability, behavior issue, divorce, stepsiblings, loss of a family member, homelessness, or depression-all of these and more do adversely affect our children. Instead of a happy, loving childhood, the child is faced with these distractions and can't look past them.

Rocks, Socks, and Ugly Underwear addresses the issues with divorce as well as anger. It is a funny story about a little boy named Tarnish. The children will see how Tarnish learned to deal with his anger issues as well as the divorce of his parents. He finds out everything is going to be fine; life is just different for each child. The children will laugh at the antics that Tarnish does throughout the story, then see his amazing transformation by becoming a happy, loving child.

This is the first in a series of books to help empower children to look and actively seek the good in everything they see and do. If they can look past what they can't change and still find happiness, these precious children will be able to see that they are loved, important, and needed. The problems these precious children carry on their shoulders is why these books are being created. Karen hopes to bring a glimmer of hope and happiness to each reader, one book at a time.

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July 30, 2021
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