Hank and the Chrysalis

by Sandra Cambra, Licsw (Author)
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Support children through grief and loss.

Hank and the Chrysalis is a powerful story told by a ten-year-old boy who shares the loss of his mother on hospice. It is a book designed to support children of all ages and backgrounds who are dealing with an upcoming or past loss. It both normalizes the child's perspective of loss while also providing the adults in their lives meaningful and practical ways to support them. Hank shows that many people are available to support a grieving child and details positive coping tools that can be utilized to improve their emotional health. Children need to know there are moments or normalcy during loss and that there is hope for happiness again after loss. Hank and the Chrysalis is an easy-to-use resource that can be utilized in individual and group settings.

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Publication date
July 26, 2021
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