Family of Families

by Llc,Milano Authors (Author)
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Family of Families: Spirit of Liberty is a fictionalized account about families over several generations and is the second of three Family of Families series. Though fiction, all the individuals were real, except for some of those introduced by a first name only. They were the everyday common people who all had goals of liberation and a better world. Though a fictional narration, places and dates are as accurate as possible. Some of the stories contained, however, happened as portrayed. The storyline is intended to reflect life as largely experienced by the common individual during their time. A listing of references provides sources for any reader wanting to learn more. It also provides credit for contributing to this Family of Families: Spirit of Liberty story. The story is a continuation of the Family of Families: Spirit of Freedom story and depicts families who struggled through daily life as the lack of a more perfect union caused strife for the new states and commonwealths of America. Everyday citizens nonetheless did what was needed to survive through the Civil War and advanced the cause of liberty. The primary character is the spirit of liberty. This spirit is portrayed within the various individuals as they sought liberty within the backdrop of a country struggling to become more perfect. Milano Authors LLC wishes to recognize and thank volunteer editor Ron McClain.

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July 26, 2021
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