Fast Facts: Immuno-Oncology

by S. Clarke (Author), B.T. Li (Author)
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The treatment of cancer has been revolutionized by therapies that modulate the immune system, with benefits for quality of life and survival. Standards of care have changed to reflect developments, but the area is moving fast. Keeping abreast of new therapies and trial data can be challenging. This second edition of 'Fast Facts: Immuno-Oncology' takes you from the fundamentals of immunology through to the new concepts of immunoediting and immunotherapy and likely future directions. Whether you have worked in oncology for decades and need a refresher or you are just starting out and need a crash course, this book provides all you need to know about immuno-oncology, concisely summarized. Table of Contents: • Components of the immune system • How cancers evade the immune system • How cancer immunotherapy works • Clinical use of immune checkpoint inhibitors • The future of immuno-oncology

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June 29, 2021
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