The Mighty, Mighty Mask Vs. Venomous Virus

The Mighty, Mighty Mask Vs. Venomous Virus

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There is a venomous virus spreading around the globe and making people sick. It wants to destroy everyone and take over the earth! We must work together to stop the virus’s evil plan. If we follow simple rules, we can save the world. Scientists and doctors have told us what to do.

To defeat the virus, we will wear masks. Our masks are like armor, defending us and keeping other people safe, too. We have to keep our houses clean using super powerful disinfectants. By washing our hands, we keep ourselves clean, too. Sadly, we also have to keep a bit of distance between our friends and us—but don’t worry; it won’t be forever! If we do not let our guard down and work together as a planet, we can stop the venomous virus in its tracks.

In the time of Covid-19, children can feel bombarded with scary and unsettling information. This book clearly, calmly offers positive solutions to earth’s current situation, ending on a happy note as we look toward a bright future.

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July 14, 2021
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