Little Turtle Gets His Wish

by Linda McKinley (Author)
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Little Turtle Gets his Wish is a story about a young turtle who wishes every day for  a home like his friends, one where he can  play and have occasional sleepovers. Mama Turtle reminds  him he has a fine home and should be content. “Don’t keep wishing for something you  already have,’ she says,  but Little Turtle is  still not satisfied.   One day, he tells Mama Turtle, “I need to go look for my home.” She sighs, since she is heard this so many times, but agrees he may go if he’s  back by suppertime. He waves goodbye and sets out to find his  perfect home, promising to be home in time for some of her homemade Shoo Fly Pie.  Along the way, he meets new animal friends, wondering if each one's  home is  right for him. Unfortunately, he is disappointed with their responses, and  becomes  more and more discouraged. It has been a long trip, especially for a turtle, he thinks. Just as he is about  to give up, he gets some surprise advice that  makes  him stop and think. Can it be that Little Turtle has at last found his home sweet home?

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July 13, 2021
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