The Moon Hoax?

The Moon Hoax?

de Thomas Eversberg (Autor), Alex Boyles (Narrador), Jordan Barr Holquist (Traductor), Markus Josef Geiss (Traductor)

This audiobook is about the American moon landings—and about the doubts expressed ever since concerning the reality of these landings. Were the images of men on the moon really just a huge and cleverly executed hoax? Eversberg explains the best-known claims and conspiracy theories, and analyzes the evidence with the help of detailed full-color images, as well as numerous film documents that can be accessed directly from the bonus PDF included with this audiobook. He addresses both the persistent older claims and more recently devised doubts.

The audiobook will inform and entertain a wide range of readers interested in space exploration and tells a gripping story covering physics, politics, and history.

Audio Book
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Fecha de publicación
29 de junio de 2021
Tamaño del archivo
400 MB

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