What’s Wrong with Grandma?

What’s Wrong with Grandma?

by Amanda Max (Author)
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One day, Grandma tries putting shoes on her hands, and Emma can’t understand why Grandma is confused. Grandma does other strange things like wearing her winter coat during the summer and putting her car keys in the refrigerator.

Mommy has to explain that Grandma is having some trouble with her memory lately. She gets confused, but Emma and her mom must be patient. At the doctor’s office, Emma learns that her grandma has something called “Alzheimer’s disease.” Emma finds out what this means and how to help her grandma feel better.

Alzheimer’s disease has an impact on more than just the individual with the diagnosis; it impacts the entire family. What’s Wrong with Grandma? gives children an insight into what their aging loved one is going through and how they can help by just being themselves.

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June 09, 2021
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