Tales from My First 90 Years

Tales from My First 90 Years

by Alpha C Chiang (Author)
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Alpha C Chiang, a renowned economist, and Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of Connecticut, is best-known for his classic textbook — Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics.In this memoirs, he tells the entertaining, scary, embarrassing, glorifying and surreal tales that colored his life.On the academic side, Alpha describes in detail his scholastic journey, including why and how he created one of the most popular books on mathematical methods in economics, as well as the experiences of his teaching career. On the nonacademic side, he describes his ventures into his many hobbies, the spices of his life, including Chinese opera, ballroom dancing, painting and calligraphy, photography, piano, music composition, playwriting, and even magic. Such tales round out the depiction of a colorful life.What's behind his unusual name, Alpha? What schooling disaster tripped him at a young age? What surreal occurrence did he experience at a cliff at age 8? What major miracle changed his family? How did he become a loan shark when he was a graduate student at Columbia University? What Hollywood glamour star mysteriously materialized within inches of him when he was working on a TV show in his student days? How did he conquer a serious phobia and eventually become an acclaimed professor? What motivated his writing of his celebrated book? And what funny, embarrassing, and memorable events occurred in his teaching career?This book is a unique story about a unique life.Contents:

  • Preface
  • Memories in Color
  • Alpha
  • A Family of Three
  • Baoshan
  • Academic Demise and Renascence
  • The Three Musketeers
  • The Healing
  • Vive les Cultural Differences!
  • The Loan
  • Inches from Hollywood Glamour
  • The Girl I wanted to Marry
  • Chinese Opera in New York
  • Confucius Sez
  • The Uplifting Hand
  • Two Sides of the Lectern
  • Separate Ways
  • Dutch Treat
  • Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics
  • Class of 1943 Reunions
  • The Latecomers
  • Kiddish Words and Deeds
  • Castles in My Life
  • Art on the Walls
  • The 'Christmas-Card Uncle'
  • Viewing a Floral Show on a Trotting Horse
  • Travel Tidbits
  • An Oddball Student
  • Commencement Exercises
  • The Itinerant Professor
  • The Holland Semester
  • Chopin, Marie Antoinette, Oriental Painting, and Frogs' Legs
  • Nobel-Prize Winners
  • Retiring So Early?
  • On the Dance Floor
  • Golden Anniversary
  • Opus 1
  • Suddenly 80!
  • Count Alphonso
  • Spices of Life
  • Donald Trump's Brother
  • An Omniscient Herbal Doctor
  • Diamond Anniversary
  • The Treasures of Cedar Crest
  • A Fortuitous Playwright
  • The Kitchen and I
  • A Life Foretold

Readership: General Public; Economists; students and academicians who studied Mathematical Economics. Alpha C Chiang;Memoirs;Professor of Economics;Mathematical Economics0Key Features:
  • This book is a unique story about a unique life
  • There is no other book competing with it

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January 28, 2021
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