Pennsylvania Good Eats

by Brian Yarvin (Author)
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Pennsylvania is filled with all sorts of unique and delicious foods. Historic dishes like scrapple and buckwheat cakes form part of an edible record. Smoked sausages, fried noodles, and the component parts of a pizza are all history on a plate. But where do you find these things? And what makes them great? In order to discover the answers, we'll have to leave the kitchen and hit the road. Pennsylvania Good East visits food landmarks across the state and tell readers why they’re worth a taste. Out in the country, we stop at farmer’s markets, artisan shops, and roadside restaurants. Where things are more built up, we stroll the neighborhoods. With old dairymen selling off to young organic growers, ethnic areas popping up around college campuses, trained chefs seeking out new locations for fine dining restaurants, and new artisans reaching back to recreate foods that we used to think were dead and gone, it’s the right time to take a fresh look at what Pennsylvania eats.

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September 15, 2021
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