Leadership in the Digital Age

by Robert J. Verbree (Author)
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Leadership in the Digital Age takes readers on a journey of how to become a stronger, more inspiring, inclusive leader now at the beginning of the digital age.

There is a leadership crisis in the 21st century, on the job, in the home, and in business. Leadership skills are also lacking in other areas too; families and relationships are dysfunctional, caustic, and broken because of the lack of knowledge in knowing how to lead. Leadership development has been pegged as a $366 billion-dollar industry and the need for quality leadership training in the digital age is great. This industry is continually growing and expanding. Leadership in the Digital Age has a large part to play in this new arena.

The digital age presents new challenges. Technology allows immediate access to unlimited amounts of data, and connectivity between human beings and happens at an unprecedented speed. This is the age of inclusiveness, relaxed control, and adopting and implementing great ideas from the team. Many leadership books and training models that were successful in the 20th century are in decline and now out of touch. Most training and meetings today are conducted online; this is a new format not previously utilized on the scale it is now. Leadership in the Digital Age showcases that cultural change and management styles need to change for continued success.

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May 04, 2021
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