Adolescent Exposure to Violence and Adult Outcomes

by Scott Menard (Author), Herbert C. Covey (Author)
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This book uses life-course longitudinal data collected from a national probability sample of respondents over a span of nearly three decades to examine the impact of multiple forms of exposure to violence in adolescence on a broad range of outcomes in adulthood. The forms of adolescent exposure to violence include general violence victimization, parental physical abuse, witnessing parental violence, and exposure to neighborhood violence. The adult outcomes include adult educational attainment, employment, marital status, income and wealth, mental health, life satisfaction, illicit and problem substance use, general violence victimization and perpetration, intimate partner violence victimization and perpetration, and arrest. The results demonstrate the complex pattern of how the different forms of exposure to violence in adolescence have varying effects on different types of adult outcomes, and matter differently for females and males. Based on these results, implications for theory, policy, and future research are considered.

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June 17, 2021
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