The Pocket Chaotic

The Pocket Chaotic

di Ziggy Hanaor (Autore), Daniel Gray-Barnett (Illustratore)
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Praise for Pocket Chaotic

'Pops of golden yellow dominate the watercolor, ink, and pencil illustrations of this tongue-in-cheek story about helping children embrace their independence'. -- Foreword Reviews

'There is so much to look and giggle at in this book'. -- Youth Services Book Review

'A humorous invitation to embrace change and move on'.

'This stylish book with a relatable story is a joy for children and adults alike'. -
- BookTrust

'Enjoy this exuberant, warm story and share the neon illustrations with little ones wanting independence, yet not quite ready to really let go'. --
Armadillo Children's Magazine

'A charming and well-crafted picture book story'. -- School Reading List


Alexander’s mom keeps putting stuff in her pocket and it’s driving him crazy!

A young kangaroo called Alexander lives in his mom, Nancy’s pocket. Alexander loves his mom, but there’s one thing she does that really drives him nuts. She is always putting stuff in her pocket. Alexander tries to keep things neat, but the more he tidies, the more stuff she shoves in there. When he complains, his sister calls him a baby – it’s time to leave the pouch anyway. But Alexander loves it in there – it’s warm and cosy and smells of mom.

Then one day, it gets really bad. Twelve bobby pins, a tube of toothpaste, a bottle of water, a packet of chewing gum, two bus tickets, some keys, a toy car and a cookbook all find their way into Nancy’s pouch. And that’s just for starters. Finally, Alexander’s had enough. ‘I can’t take it any more!’ he shouts. ‘I’m moving out!’ So Alexander moves into the room next to his sister’s. They make it all cosy, with a furry blanket and shelves for all his stuff. So it’s just like his mom’s pouch. Almost. The penultimate spread is Alexander sleeping with all his stuff strewn around him. The final spread is Nancy clearing out her pocket with a wink. It was time for Alexander to go.

This is a heartwarming tale about the connection between a son and mother and a journey towards independence.

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12 giugno 2021
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