Oncoviruses: Cellular and Molecular Virology

by Abubakar Yaro (Author)
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Oncoviruses are cancer-causing viruses that play a leading role in the development of certain cancers by contributing to genetic changes that result in the disruption of cell cycle machinery, interfering with certain key functions such as cell growth. Human viral Oncogenesis has common traits:
1.Oncoviruses are required but not sufficient for cancer development.
2.Virus-associated cancers appear in the context of persistent infection and occur many years to decade after acute infection.
3.The immune system can play protective or damaging effect, with some human virus-associated cancer increasing with immunosuppresion and others appear in the context of chronic inflammation.
Oncoviruses: cellular and molecular virology presents a state-of- the – art review based on a number of original research covering some interesting aspect of oncoviral infections and its oncogenetic process. The book is made of sixteen must read chapters. It begins with discussion on the molecular epidemiology of human oncoviruses. It explores several other essential oncoviruses associated topics , including: oncoviruses and the immune system, envelope antigens of oncoviruses, oncoviral integration: Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)as a model, evolution and pathogenesis of HTLV, the P53 antigen, HPV oncoprotein, viral-host interaction in HBV-associated HCC, Kaposi’s sarcoma associated herpes virus, and utilization of flow cytometry in the development of therapeutic agents. It will be of interest to virologists, oncologists, public health specialists and palliative care specialists.

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May 12, 2021
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