The Hurricane Christmas Trees

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In coastal towns and communities across the nation, Christmas trees are repurposed after the holiday season into the foundations for sand dunes in places where the dunes have been weakened or eliminated over time by natural erosion. Sand dunes are essential to the maintenance and safety of coastal beaches and the communities that reside therein.
This is the story of "Bough" the Christmas tree. A young and ambitious tree, who is looking forward to what he believes is his only purpose: becoming a decorated Christmas tree. However, when the year of his Christmas finally arrives, a massive hurricane occurs""destroying the Christmas tree farm where Bough and his fellow Christmas trees have grown and causing destruction and sadness throughout the coastal community in which the Christmas tree farm resides. This is the story of how an entire harvest of Christmas trees, seemingly destroyed by a hurricane, realize that they have a purpose far greater than becoming decorated for Christmas and that being a "real" Christmas tree has nothing to do with garlands and lights, and everything to do with the true purpose of Christmas, and Christ's messages of sacrifice, compassion, and love.

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November 20, 2019
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