Pick Me... Pick Me Please

by Nancy Marie Carter (Author)
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Pick Me...Pick Me Please! is a story of a little duckling who was born late. He felt so lost and so alone and thought that he would never have any friends. That is, until one day his life changed forever!
Poor, poor Petey was born late. He was slow, and he felt lost and all alone. He didn't have many friends. He tried to do his best at everything that he did, but sometimes it never seemed to be good enough! Petey even felt like he let down God!
This story will draw you in. It is for anyone who feels "different." This is for anyone who may feel like Petey. It is a cute little heartwarming story that takes place in the spring. Petey's team the Panthers are playing a softball game. One of the players gets hit with the ball, and Petey has to play! Petey feels scared. He doesn't want to let his team down. Come follow our friend Petey as he steps up to the plate. He swings. Strike one! He swings again. Strike two! Then he closes his eyes. With his eyes closed, Petey hits the ball. It is a high fly ball! A high fly ball over the fence. Petey's team wins! They win! Petey finds out that he had always, always, always had friends.
So please open this book, and let this little story touch and warm your heart. You may want to have a little box of tissues with you too. Let Petey and his friends touch your heart. Please, please always, always remember that God loves you, and so do I. Also remember God is always, always, always there with us! And with God anything, anything is possible!

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September 10, 2018
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