Bully, Bully, Back Off Me

by Lora Bender (Author)
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I just hope that my book will inspire someone and to give them convenient to overcome any obstacle. There is so much bullying in our world today, not taking the time to get to know the person, their wisdom, their intelligence, and their harmony, before they're so quickly judged by their appearance. We all came face-to-face with hindrances or barriers in our life. It takes time to get the courage to jump over that hurdle to develop the strength to stand tall. (T. D. Jakes is my inspiration: Allow your enemy be your step stool.)
Native words flow like a river. It has no end. Don't allow yourself to sink in the flow of water surrounded by words that has no meaning. Your fight is not against the words that hold your head underwater. Your fight is the fight of survival to rise above the water. Put your hand on your heart. Take a look in the mirror. Your heart beat for you. Love yourself!

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February 27, 2017
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