The Railway Children

by Edith Nesbit (Author)
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After a father’s abrupt arrest, his wife and children must leave their comfortable London home for a small cottage that sits near a bustling railway. While the mother struggles to make ends meet, siblings Roberta (nicknamed Bobbie), Peter and Phyllis adapt to their gloomy present with hopes of a brighter future.

Bobbie is the oldest of three middleclass children thrust into poverty after their father is falsely imprisoned. She and her siblings, Peter and Phyliss, learn to embrace their new surroundings including the busy railway station. The children are frequent visitors of the local hub, engaging in an array of innocent yet spirited adventurers. Throughout their stay, they befriend multiple passengers, one of whom may be the key to their father’s freedom.

The author creates an authentic portrayal of real-world conflict and consequences. Despite countless challenges, the children manage to find unique opportunities in the face of adversity. They are presented as resourceful and self-sufficient protagonists whose ingenuity makes them the heroes of their own story.

With an eye-catching new cover, and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of The Railway Children is both modern and readable.

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December 01, 2020
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