Good Night, Grandma

Good Night, Grandma

by Mark Urizar (Author), Abdullah Musazay (Illustrator)
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CC has always been a cheeky, creative, and caring child. From the day she was born, her family called her Cheeky Cee. Everyone knew she was special?but no one know that one day she would also have special powers.

CC has always loved hearing her granny tell fabulous stories of a past time, when life was simpler, nature was abundant and bountiful, and the world still had many native plants and animals and unspoiled, exciting places. But in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, CC?s granny became sick and was taken to hospital. With this loss, CC finds herself thinking about all the stories she heard from her granny and how her brother, who isn?t born yet, won?t hear those stories. She thinks about ways she can bring those stories to life, first for her brother and then for so many others. CC is going to put her powers to work to help make a better tomorrow for everyone.

In this COVID-19 survival story, a girl whose grandmother has passed away keeps her memory alive by making the world a better place.

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April 19, 2021
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