A Party for George

A Party for George

by Dr. Rowena D. Moore (Author), Eminence System (Illustrator)
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Have you lost a family member or friend?

Do you know someone who is sick and may not make it?

How do we transition from hope for healing to the eventual death of a loved one?

Dealing with sickness and death is difficult for both children and adults. Unfortunately, it is a journey that we must all take at some point in our lives. Although the process of grief is different for everyone, there is a way to travel through each step with hope for the future.

This book is a story about a happy, young boy named George who was loved by everyone. George enjoyed music, playing card games, and bringing cheer to others by baking them special cakes. Shortly before his birthday he became ill and his friends began planning his party with the hope that he would be well by his birthday. Unfortunately, George died and instead of a birthday party they had a Celebration of Life party for him.

If you want to find a way to help yourself or young children deal with sickness, prepare for a funeral, or handle grief and loss then you should read this book. In addition to providing therapeutic questions that can be used with individuals or groups, this book provides a list of web-based resources and support groups on a variety of topics.

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March 29, 2021
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