Jess Like Me

Jess Like Me

by Blake Lamar (Author)
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How do you go on living when you’re not supposed to exist?

Life hasn’t been easy since Jess got back from the so-called “True” timeline. She spends her days going through the motions, dreading the moment when her reality will vanish from existence.

What’s worse, she’s in love with her boyfriend Jason. That doesn’t seem so bad, except he’s the wrong version of the boy she fell in love with. While he may look and act just like the Jason from the “True” timeline, something isn’t right.

Then she comes home one day to discover she has a new foster sister.


Going by Jess’s middle name and pretending to be her cousin, Marie has been kicked out of several foster homes in the “True” timeline. Who better to take care of her than her own parents from another timeline, right?

Despite having been the exact same person at one point in their lives, Jess and Marie couldn’t be more different. After kicking Jess out of her own bedroom and hacking her Instagram account, it’s clear Marie isn’t going to make Jess’s life any easier.

Jess tries to take comfort in the fact that so long as Marie is living in her timeline, she gets to continue living, which means she has things to look forward to. Like the Homecoming Dance!

But when Jess’s friends notice their similarities, they suggest giving Marie a makeover and having them switch places at school for a day. What seems like a harmless prank ends up turning Jess’s world upside down.

For Marie, that’s all just fun and games.

The daughter of a corrupt time-cop has much more sinister plans.

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Publication date
May 01, 2021
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