Jess Be Yourself

Jess Be Yourself

by Blake Lamar (Author)
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Jess's life begins to unravel on her thirteenth birthday.

First, she learns of her parents' separation.

Then she's forced to spend the rest of the summer living in her grandparents' camper trailer by the lake.

When she finally gets to come home for the first day of school, she discovers that her friends have abandoned her and nothing she remembers seems to be true anymore.

Everyone keeps calling her Jessica when they know she goes by Jess!

Does she have amnesia, or is everyone at school in on some elaborate joke?

The truth is crazier and scarier than she could have ever imagined.

Please note: This book was previously published under the title Jessica's Story. Significant changes have been made to the last two chapters.

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Publication date
May 01, 2021
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