Going Back to Key West

by Mike Yurk (Author)
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Key West is home to sinners and saints, to dreamers and the hopeless, smugglers and pirates as well as writers, artists, singers and other visionaries. Mike Yurk has visited Key West for over twenty years and from the very beginning fell in love with the weather, life style, people and fishing found in Key West. He put his love of Key West into this book. Although a lot of this book is about fishing, it is also about Key West itself. In Going Back To Key West join Mike as he wonders around Key West, the people he meets and the ambiance of one of the most unique cities in America. As well, travel with Mike through Hemingway Country to visit the places, Key West and others, which have been so pivotal to the life of one of America?s greatest writers. End the book with Mike?s and his wife, Becky?s recommendations of the best places to visit in Key West plus their favorite restaurants and bars. Key West isn?t just a place; it is an experience.

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April 29, 2020
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