Fast Facts: Managing immune-related Adverse Events in Oncology

by B.L. Rapoport (Author), H. Westman (Author)
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Immunotherapeutic products, and immune checkpoints inhibitors in particular, are increasingly used in the management of malignancies, both as monotherapies and in combination. Adverse events tend to be mild to moderate, but they can be severe or even life-threatening. Prompt recognition and effective management are vital. 'Fast Facts: Managing Immune-Related Adverse Events' is an accessible overview that brings together clear explanations and management summaries. This highly readable handbook examines the possible effects of immunotherapies on the skin, gastrointestinal tract, liver, endocrine system and lungs, as well as less frequent reactions. Detailed descriptions and evidence-based guidance for practical application make 'Fast Facts: Managing Immunotherapy-Related Adverse Events' an invaluable resource for all healthcare professionals who may encounter patients using immunotherapy, including nurses, who are particularly well placed to identify changes linked to use of immunotherapy, those working in the emergency department and primary care providers. Table of Contents: • Immunotherapy and its side effects: an overview • Gastrointestinal and hepatic adverse events • Dermatologic adverse • Endocrine-related adverse events • Pulmonary adverse events • Less frequent adverse events • Optimizing patient care and early recognition of immune-related adverse events • Management summaries

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April 08, 2021
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