by Lily Taylor (Author)
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Skip and Lily Taylor?s oldest son Stephen learned as a young teenager that he could make good money selling drugs and traded a bright future for 8 and a half years in prison.

When a chance encounter with a well-dressed guest at a party in Austin, Texas, results in Stephen becoming a mule for a drug cartel, he takes a devastating detour from a well-planned life. Unconfined chronicles the true story of Stephen?s arrest and incarceration for a nonviolent drug crime. Readers will:

  • Get a glimpse at what it is really like to go to federal prison in America

  • Understand the emotions and experiences of family members who love someone in prison

  • See how God can still work in the most unthinkable circumstances

  • Unconfined tells the first-hand account through the eyes of Stephen and Skip and shares the transformational power of faith to overcome anger, grief, and loss.

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    Bil Cornelius (Introduction author)
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    March 02, 2021
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