The Growing Bed

The Growing Bed

by Rebecca Linney (Author), Charlie LaVoy (Illustrator)
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What do roller coasters, monkey bars and water slides all have in common? How about firemen, soccer coaches and teachers? Join Andy in The Growing Bed to learn why sometimes eating all your vegetables just isn?t quite enough to get what all little boys and girls desire.

Nearly every parent struggles with getting their child to sleep throughout the night at some point in their child?s life. Nearly every child wants to ?get bigger, faster.? The Growing Bed is a children?s book that addresses both pain points through the main character Andy. Andy is a boy that isn?t quite tall enough to do many fun things, like ride a roller coaster or water slide. He thinks he?s doing what it takes to get bigger, like eating his vegetables, but his Mother explains to him that the best way to grow bigger is to sleep all night in his own bed. She gives Andy many examples of other people he knows and admires that sleep in their own bed, all night long. The uniqueness of The Growing Bed is the ?magic? it gives to something very ordinary, a child?s bed. Nearly every child has their own bed, so therefore nearly every child has their very own Growing Bed!

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May 04, 2021
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