Mrs. Beeton's Cold Sweets, Jellies, Creams, Fruit Dishes, Cold Puddings and Ices

by Mrs Beeton (Author)
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Contents Include: Cold Sweets, Preparation of Ingredients Recipes for Cold Sweets Recipes for Jellies Recipes for Creams Cold Puddings Pastry for Cold Sweets Recipes for Cheesecakes, Tarts, Tartlets, etc Icings and Fillings for Cold Sweets Ices, Cream Ices Water Ices Sorbets, Mousses and Iced Puddings."Something quickly and easily prepared, but which will at the same time help to decorate the table is the need of almost every housewife in these days of bustle and shortage of domestic help. Cold sweets admirably meet this requirement. The making of nearly all of them is very simple a knowledge of the many little subtleties of flavouring and decoration is, however, essential to the success of these dishes, and makes this book a necessity to every housewife valuing her reputation for her selection and preparation of attractive, but at the same time economical, sweets"

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January 08, 2021
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