Four-Leaf Clover

by John Schissler Jr. (Author)
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ADAM SCHISSLER, a young man with Down syndrome, has been living with his biological parents for the past 43 years.

In this uplifting narrative, his father gives the reader a glimpse into what sharing a family life was like living with an exceptional infant, child, teen, and now an adult. The narrative also includes the valuable lessons learned and wisdom gained, especially from those critical child rearing years.

This enlightening biography begins with informative and comforting passages revealing the challenges of raising a cognitively disabled child. The story then moves on to 17 heart-warming, and light-hearted vignettes that give insight into Adam?s view of the world, which he shares with everyone else.

Told by his father John Schissler, his delightful story of life with Adam, gives some sage advice he and his wife can offer from their 55 years of raising three children. Dubbed a ?four-leaf clover? by his Mom, Adam has brought an abundance of joy, love, mirth and good luck to the family he lives with in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Four-Leaf Clover is an enjoyable, uplifting, educational, and amusing read.

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February 14, 2021
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