The Biotech Revolution: Impact on Science Education in America

by Ken R. Harewood (Author)
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This book draws attention to one of the most groundbreaking scientific advances of the twentieth century?James Watson?s seminal report on the structure of DNA. Based on his extensive experience in discovery research, the author shows how American scientists used information revealed in Watson?s report to ?crack? the genetic code, sequence the human genome, and spin-off an industry that propelled America to a position of global leadership in science and technology.

The narrative Illustrates how dominance in Biotech forced America?s colleges and universities to embrace a new paradigm for training the next generation of scientific innovators. In addressing this challenge, the author provides an historical perspective on the development of the American education system; highlights the struggles that Blacks
faced to integrate that system; and identifies actions that could be taken to strengthen and expand Americas science education pipeline.

The narrative concludes with a discussion of the negative impact that increasing tuition costs and escalating debt are having on student enrollment. The author believes that the proliferation of online courses at some colleges and universities is an attractive options for students to access degree offerings at lower costs.

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September 27, 2020
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