Fast Facts: Clinical Trials in Oncology

by A. Hackshaw (Author), G.C.E. Stuart (Author)
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Written by leading experts, 'Fast Facts: Clinical Trials in Oncology' will enhance the reader’s ability to critically evaluate published evidence. Assuming little or no prior knowledge, the book sets out clearly the fundamental features of clinical trials. The key attributes of Phase I–III trials of pharmaceutical products are described, as are trials of surgical procedures, radiation therapy and advanced therapies. The processes and documentation required to set up and conduct a trial are outlined, and the authors describe how trial data and real-world evidence are used to improve care. Although this concise colorful book focuses on oncology, the principles apply equally to interventions in other areas of practice. It will prove invaluable to medical, pharmaceutical and allied health professionals who want, or need, an overview of how contemporary clinical trials are designed and conducted.

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December 18, 2020
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