Bridging the Gap

by Bianca Di Giulio (Author), James Munson (Author)
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The book's inherent value, currently, is in its uniqueness. There are few books on Integrative Oncology (IO). There are few books on the entirety of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of cancer. There are even fewer, if any, books that deal with the topics of Integrative Oncology and the use of traditional Chinese medicine as a whole in the treatment of people with cancer. While very broad and deep topics, this makes for a varied audience of interest that includes not just the TCM practitioner or student, but Western health practitioners and patients as well as laypeople interested in the topic of oncology.For those interested in the topic of IO, it gives one of the few non-biased, honest and critical views of the state of IO in contrast to what is promoted by various institutions and societies.For the Western health practitioner and/or patient, many of whom are completely unfamiliar with TCM and how it works or can be used, it provides information on the breadth of TCM and how it can be applied in various ways to help improve outcomes.For the TCM practitioner or student, it provides much needed information on how to go about caring for a patient with cancer to include clinical pearls and important Western medical information and terminology.Contents:

  • Acknowledgments
  • Prologue
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • What is Integrative Oncology?
  • History of Oncology through Western and Chinese Medicine
  • Chinese Medicine Diagnosis and Acupuncture
  • Moxibustion Therapy
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Manual Therapy
  • Chinese Nutrition and Dietary Therapy
  • Eight Extraordinary Meridians
  • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Case Studies
  • Bridging the Gap

Readership: TCM practitioners, TCM students, Western health practitioners and patients, laypeople interested in the topic of oncology.Cancer;Oncology;Integrative Oncology;Acupuncture;Traditional Chinese Medicine;Herbal Medicine;Moxibustion;Collaborative Cancer Care;Integrative Medicine0Key Features:
  • Unique: specific book on integrative oncology and how the full scope of TCM can be used in the treatment of patients with cancer in therapeutic settings designed to be informative for the general reader or healthcare practitioner, approachable for the new TCM doctor/practitioner, and informative for the established TCM physician seeking broader knowledge base on the subject of IO and Chinese medicine
  • The topic of Integrative Oncology is rapidly evolving with few other significant competing works, particularly for the field of Chinese medicine
  • Patients with cancer are seeking complementary therapies and TCM is one of the first avenues of support. Therefore, TCM practitioner's are beginning to see patients at increasing rates in the clinical setting, yet, it is not a topic that most practitioners are prepared to adequately treat. This is due to the fact that it is a complex specialty, not covered in most schools or in the continuing education side of teaching

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August 24, 2020
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