The ABCs of Cancer

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This exciting reader-friendly book addresses the general perspectives of cancer in diverse ways ? everyday lifestyle, nutrition, environmental factors as well as genetics. The author, an expert in Immuno-Oncology, makes conscious efforts to break down the complexities of cancer development through the use of scientific evidences and everyday activities. There are so many myths about cancer out there. This book employs scientific basis to separate the facts from the myths while making it comprehensible to all readers irrespective of their scientific background. Readers are also introduced to the modern trends in cancer therapeutics.Contents:

  • Introduction to Cancer
  • Your Genes are Big Players in Cancer Development
  • African Diets Have Lower Cancer Risk
  • Alcohol Intake: A Simple Way to the Cancer Kingdom
  • Caution to Egg Lovers
  • Coffee Protects Against Cancer Risk and Recurrence
  • The Sweet Poison: Sugar, a Risk Factor for Cancer Development
  • Obesity: Pamper Your Weight and Increase Your Cancer Risk by 40%
  • Super Foods that Offer Anticancer Benefits
  • The Vegetarianism Cancer Prevention Formulae: Seafoods + Vegetables > Only Vegetables
  • The Anticancer Properties of Chocolate: More Than LOVE
  • Physical Activity: A Crucial Factor in Reducing Cancer Risk
  • NaNose: A 'Nose' that Detects Early-Stage Cancer in Human Breath
  • Cancer Myths and Misconceptions
  • 'Sensible Use' of the Sun Can Heal
  • Big Headed People at Risk of Cancer
  • Increased Cancer Risk for Tall People
  • Do Snorers Have Increased Risk of Cancer Death?
  • Dogs: The New Era of 'Oncologists'
  • Is Cannabis (CBD) an Alternative Cancer Treatment Agent?
  • Vaping: An Emerging Concern for Increased Cancer Risk
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Cancer Prevention
  • Birth Control and Cancer Risk
  • Do Viruses, Parasites, and Bacteria Cause Cancer?
  • Tobacco Smoking Increases Your Risk of Cancer
  • Do Food Supplements Treat Cancer?
  • Ink with Care
  • Modern Trends in Cancer Therapeutics
  • Conclusion

Readership: Professionals, students, general public, science and non-science enthusiasts; School libraries, society, youth camp meetings, conferences, working environment, hospital libraries, book shops and prize gifts for deserving students.Cancer;Anti-Cancer;Diet;Alcohol;Treatment;Exercise;Obesity;Vegetarian0Key Features:
  • The author has cutting-edge skills in scientific communication and has spoken and chaired at international conferences across the world presenting complex cancer research findings to both scientific and non-scientific audiences
  • The topics addressed in this book relate with everyday lifestyles such as race-specific diets, exercise, sunlight. This book carefully seizes the facts from the myths using scientifically proven evidence, squashing most of the debates about these topics
  • This book covers a wide readership audience which makes it very unique - professionals, students, general public, science and non-science enthusiasts as well as children who aspire to know more about cancer medicine. Thus, getting a copy could be beneficial to everyone in the family, school libraries, society, youth camp meetings, conferences, working environment, hospital libraries, book shops and prize gifts for deserving students

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June 16, 2020
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