Surviving Adolescence

by Michael B. Gilbert (Author)
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Surviving Adolescence was written because the most trying times in a child’s life are during pre-teen and teen years. Most parents and teachers may be ill equipped to deal effectively with adolescents. They are not prepared for the remarkable changes that occur. The remarkable physical changes are most noticeable, but the intellectual, social and emotional changes can confound us. The book follows the roller coaster ride all can experience: Ratcheting Up, the First Drop, Loop-de-Loop, Climbing, the Steep Drop, In the Tunnel, Into the Daylight, and Leveling Off. The ideas cover preparing for adolescence, the reality of confronting puberty, the family unit, and how to help teens confront a new social environment, including cyberspace. Additional areas are recognizing the need for productive activities, discussing burgeoning sexual issues, bullying and substance abuse. Suggestions for communicating effectively and taking care of yourself are included, too. While the book is designed for a broad audience, each chapter concludes with educational considerations.

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April 15, 2021
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