Net Positive

de Paul Polman (Autor), Andrew Winston (Autor)
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Runaway climate change and gross inequality are ravaging the natural world and all of humanity. What can save us? Business. Celebrated former CEO Paul Polman and sustainable business guru Andrew Winston rethink how business operates and creates value, and show how to build a company that provides more to the world than it uses or takes.

  • Wisdom from the leader of the most successful sustainable company and a leading thinker on sustainable business.
  • Showcases Unilever and how they became the world leader in sustainable business.
  • Features many stories and voice of other world-leading sustainable companies.
  • Combines a passion for preserving the earth and improving humanity with an equal passion for business success and positive impact.
  • Current, engaging, and well-written.

Audience: Broad audience of business leaders, executives, managers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and aspiring young enterprise leaders who care about the preserving the earth and improving humanity.

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5 de octubre de 2021
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