Fossils for Kids

by Dan R. Lynch (Author)
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  • Popular, proven format: a companion to Rock Collecting for Kids (9781591937739), which has sold 10,000 copies

  • Rock hunting is a growing hobby throughout the USA, and this is a great introduction for the whole family

  • Market: Parents who want to instill environmental morals, encourage an interest in nature, and entertain their children—all at the same time

  • All-in-one source of information, facts, photos, and gee-whiz tidbits in a concise guide

  • Full-color photographs, illustrations, range maps, and paleogeological maps

  • Introduction to paleontology, “how to” guide, and field guide

  • Back matter includes FAQ section, common rock shop fossils, dinosaur/vertebrate fossils, what to do with a fossil collection, and collecting rules

  • Not intimidating: colorful, appealing design with information geared toward children, ages 6–12

  • Children are fascinated with making discoveries in nature—and with collecting things

  • Rock collecting helps to build the self-esteem of kids; it’s easy to be successful

  • Strong interest in rocks, minerals, and fossils (e.g. many tourists visiting rock shops, significant sales of books relating to agates and other rocks & minerals)

  • Extreme value: massive information for just $12.95

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Publication date
April 07, 2020
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