Get More:

by Joby Slay (Author)
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One of the largest challenges facing youth sports today is the lack of sufficiently trained athletic coaches. Studies report that less than 1/3 of coaches have any training in sports skills, tactics and motivational techniques.

In his new book Get More, award-winning coach Joby Slay lays out the groundwork for equipping coaches in the fundamentals of their craft. “The difficulty in our society in training effective motivational techniques,” says Slay, “is the complexity of the current motivational processes or educational platforms. They require a significant investment of time, energy, and money that the average youth coach just can’t spare.” Slay has put together a formula in Get More that is simple to teach and easy to apply for a winning motivational coaching style. The book organizes these winning principles so that coaches can apply his simple formula with any team.

With his effective motivational formula, a player’s talents and potential are empowered with new self-confidence to take initiative, to do more, be more, get more and to fuel their creativity, imagination, and passion, creating greater momentum and motivation. Whether a new coach or a 30-year veteran, the GET MOR3EE formula will help every coach to improve their coaching acumen, resulting in their team achieving breakthrough performance results.

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February 02, 2020
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