Why the Weather?

by C. F. Brooks (Author)
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Originally published in the early 1900s, this book is - 'primarily for the general reader who likes to know more about that much talked about, but little understood, topic - the weather'. Rather than being a dry text book, covering the entire field of meteorology, this includes general interest that the reader can use as a reference for the varying weather experienced every day. Contents Include: GENERAL NOTES AND SPRING WEATHER: Observe the Weather Early Spring Moisture in the Air Clouds Wind and Weather rain May Weather Some Weather Proverbs Summer Weather Mountain Weather Thunderstorms Thunderstorms and the Vacationist West Indian and Other Hurricanes Autumn Foreshadows Winter Autumn Winds and Storms Weather Periods and Major Air Streams Autumn Weather Proverbs Our Atmosphere WINTER: Winter Storms Snow Winter Resorts and Sports Winter Sunshine Winter Cold Winter in the Home

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October 16, 2020
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