Anger Management For Parents

Anger Management For Parents

by Mason W. Bells (Author)
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Yes, it feels really stupid to watch your kids disrespect you and your instructions and do nothing immediately to make him or her pay for stepping on your toes.

But railing at your kids and disciplining them with the anger of thunder and lightning mean that you've thrown away your power of self-control and you have become a loyal slave to that BEAST called Anger.

A lot of life-changing opportunities, great careers and beautiful relationships have been ruined by this dreaded monster.

There is no way anyone can have a happy and a fulfilling life if he or she is a slave to anger.

If this describes your experience, cheer UP! I've got good news for you. A NEW DAY HAS COME FOR YOU.

I have carefully outlined loads of effective self-help anger management techniques that you can apply in your personal life to break- off the control of anger over you once and for all.

This book will also intimate you with the following:

  • How to Inculcate Good Morals and Values into Your Kids.

· How to Raise Emotionally Stable Kids

  • How to Raise Kids with Good Character

· How to Teach Your Kids to Be Patient

· How to Discuss Sex with Your Kids

· How to Raise Sexually Disciplined Kids


And lots more…

Get this book now and you will be glad you did.

Congratulations in advance…

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April 20, 2021
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