Cultural Policy

by Jean-Paul Baillargeon (Author), Nicole Barrieau (Author), Alison Beale (Author), Daniel Bourgeois (Author), Donna Gannon (Author), Joy Cohnstaedt (Author), Patrice A. Dutil (Author), Fernand Harvey (Author), M. Sharon Jeanotte (Author), Jan Marontate (Author), Catherine Murray (Author), Ronald Rompkey (Author), Dick Stanley (Author), Karen Wall (Author), David Whitson (Author), Monica Gattinger (Editor), Diane St-Pierre (Editor)
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How do Canadian provincial and territorial governments intervene in the cultural and artistic lives of their citizens? What changes and influences shaped the origin of these policies and their implementation? On what foundations were policies based, and on what foundations are they based today? How have governments defined the concepts of culture and of cultural policy over time? What are the objectives and outcomes of their policies, and what instruments do they use to pursue them? 

Answers to these questions are multiple and complex, partly as a result of the unique historical context of each province and territory, and partly because of the various objectives of successive governments, and the values and identities of their citizens. 

Cultural Policy: Origins, Evolution, and Implementation in Canada?s Provinces and Territories offers a comprehensive history of subnational cultural policies, including the institutionalization and instrumentalization of culture by provincial and territorial governments; government cultural objectives and outcomes; the role of departments, Crown corporations, other government organizations, and major public institutions in the cultural domain; and the development, dissemination, and impact of subnational cultural policy interventions. 

Published in English.

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March 30, 2021
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