Let the Dark Flower Blossom

by Norah Labiner (Author)

“An ambitious, poignant and sharp-tongued novel filled with secrets and ghosts, jealousy and love.” —Publishers Weekly
Sheldon and Eloise Schell are twins, orphans, and the estranged college companions of the rich, scandalous, celebrated Roman Stone. Now Roman is dead, murdered with a pair of scissors in his living room, and Eloise and Sheldon must separately tease out the secrets—a burning house, a murdered girl—that were the one story they could never tell.
Moving between the muffled plush of wintry Chicago, the fogbound darkness of a Lake Superior island, and the even darker precincts of memory, Let the Dark Flower Blossom is a book about the pull of the closed door. It is about the small pleasure of being right, the tremendous thrill of doing wrong, and the lengths writers will go to—lie, steal, kill—to get the perfect story.
“As rewarding as it is challenging, this book is a great alternative to a beach read for those who love literary mysteries . . . Recommended for those who thought that even Gone Girl didn't have enough troubled characters and unforeseen twists.” —Library Journal
“[A] puzzle of a book, [Let the Dark Flower Blossom] engages one’s attention through staccato prose and a number of interrelated and compelling characters. [T]his ‘existential murder mystery’ . . . will reward attentive readers.” —Booklist
“A splendid, leisurely meditation on the meaning of fame, identity, and love.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

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Publication date
April 12, 2013
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