The Hawker Series Volume One

by Randy Wayne White (Author)
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From the New York Times–bestselling author of the Doc Ford and Hannah Smith thrillers: The first three action-packed novels in the Hawker series.

Chicago cop James Hawker had a choice: Follow orders to stand down or take out a murderous terrorist. Hawker pulled the triggerbut not before the terrorist killed two children. Now exiled from his career, Hawker won’t stop fighting for justice, in these three gripping thrillers.
Florida Firefight: With the support of a wealthy man who lost a child in the very firefight that cost him his badge, Hawker sets out to find and destroy America’s most dangerous criminals wherever they may be. His first stop is in Florida, where a violent drug cartel has taken root. But Hawker won’t stop until he digs it up and burns it down . . .
L.A. Wars: The Los Angeles neighborhood of Starnsdale was once a hardworking community. Then two ruthless gangs—the Panthers and the Santanas—made it their battleground, slaughtering each other and innocents alike. But they’re about to get a taste of their own bloody medicine, courtesy of Hawker . . .
Chicago Assault: Only one thing could bring Hawker back to the Windy City: his best friend and one of Chicago’s richest men, Saul Beckerman. But Saul’s wealth can’t save him when he gets in deep with the wrong people and an assassin’s bullet strikes him down. Now, Hawker is back in town to even the score .  . . and then some.

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September 05, 2017
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