How to Spell Chanukah . . . And Other Holiday Dilemmas

by Emily Franklin (Editor)

“Funny and poignant” essays by Laura Dave, Jonathan Tropper, Steve Almond, and others on this most merry of Jewish festivals (USA Today).

Ring in the holiday with eighteen writers who extol, excoriate, and expand our understanding of Chanukah as they offer up funny, irreverent, and, yes, even nostalgic takes on a holiday that holds a special place in Jewish hearts . . . and stomachs. They address pressing issues: What is the weight gain associated with eating 432 latkes in eight nights? They offer joyous gratitude: “What a holiday! No pestilence, no slavery, no locusts, no cattle disease, or atonement. Thank God.” And they afford tender truths: “You are reminded of your real gifts: a family you get to come home to.”

Whether your family tradition included a Christmas tree or a Chanukah bush, whether the fights among your siblings rivaled the battles of the Maccabees or you haven’t a clue who the Maccabees are, this little book illustrates the joys, frustrations, and small miracles of the season.

Contributors include: Elisa Albert * Steve Almond * Karen E. Bender and Robert Anthony Siegel * Joshua Braff * Laura Dave * Jennifer Gilmore * Jill Kargman * Amy Klein * Adam Langer * Mameve Medwed * Tova Mirvis * Joshua Neuman * Eric Orner * Peter Orner * Joanna Smith Rakoff * Ben Schrank * Edward Schwarzschild * Jonathan Tropper

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April 30, 2021
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