The Future for Curious People

de Gregory Sherl (Auteur)

In this novel, computers can show people their romantic future, but two strangers can’t see true love when it’s right in front of them.

A young librarian named Evelyn is obsessed with a new technology. She can’t stop visiting the office of Dr. Chin, an “envisioninst,” because she needs to know that she’ll meet someone and be happy one day. Godfrey, another client, ends up at Dr. Chin’s only because his fiancée insisted they know their fate before taking the plunge. But when Godfrey meets Evelyn in the waiting room, true love may be right in front of them, but they are too preoccupied—and too burdened by their pasts—to recognize it.

This smart, fresh love story, with its quirky twists and turns, ponders life’s big questions—about happiness, fate, and our very existence—as it follows Evelyn and Godfrey’s quest for the elusive answers.

Praise for The Future for Curious People

“A whip-smart novel about the obsession of love and the love of obsession.” —Aaron Gwyn, author of Wynne’s War

“Comic and Exuberant . . . A fine and tender tale for anyone who has tried to let go of the past and envision the future while falling in love.” —Rhonda Riley, author of The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope

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Date de publication
30 avril 2021
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1 Mo

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