Travelling Sketches

Travelling Sketches

by Anthony Trollope (Author)
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"TOURISTS WHO DON'T LIKE THEIR TRAVELS. After all it should be our first object in our autumn tourings to like the business that we have in hand. In all that we do, whether of work or play, this should be a great object with us, seeing that the comfort or discomfort --we may almost say the happiness or unhappiness--of our life depends upon it. But one would suppose that in these vacation rambles of ours, made for the recreation of our health and the delectation of our spirits, there would be no doubt on this head, --no doubt as to our taking due care that our amusement should be to our own liking, and that we so journeyed as to be able to enjoy our journeyings. But there is reason to fear that such enjoyment does not always result from the efforts made. "

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October 15, 2018