Her Eyes Underwater

Her Eyes Underwater

by Romona Simon (Author), Amanda McKibbin (Narrateur)

Set in the vast and pristine wilderness of 1970s Montana, this steamy and twisted dark romance follows a woman’s obsessive pursuit of an alluring and potentially dangerous man. Will she win his heart or become his next victim?

Do you lock your doors and windows at night? Will tonight be the night you’ll find out why you should?

In the first installment of The Bowman Case Files, bored and entitled university student Julia Strauss meets a captivating man during a random encounter at a cafe. She is instantly attracted to the handsome stranger and pursues him obsessively.

What she doesn’t know is that behind all the charm, he has a secret agenda of his own. Can Julia see beyond the haze of her infatuation before it’s too late?

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Publication date
January 26, 2021
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