Ocean Enlightenment - A Conversation with Edie Widder

by Howard Burton (Author)
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This book is based on an in-depth filmed conversation between Howard Burton and Edie Widder, Founder, CEO and Senior Scientist at Ocean Research & Conservation Association (ORCA). After an inspiring story about how Edie Widder became a seagoing marine biologist and deep-sea diver, this conversation covers topics such as bioluminescence which is a fascinating scientific phenomenon that provides us with a deeper understanding of fundamental biological processes and the development of new programs designed to equip a new generation with the tools they need to deal with the environmental devastation we're facing.

This carefully-edited book includes an introduction, From Sea to Shining Sea, and questions for discussion at the end of each chapter:

I. Bright Beginnings - Underwater awesomeness and environmental opportunities
II. Bioluminescence - Evolution in action
III. The Eye-in-the-Sea - Glimpsing the unseen
IV. Grappling with a Coastline Crisis - Measuring toxicity and creating pollution maps
V. Kids to the Rescue - A reason for optimism
Vi. Existential Challenges - Global concerns and worthy precedents

About Ideas Roadshow Conversations Series:

This book is part of an expanding series of 100+ Ideas Roadshow conversations, each one presenting a wealth of candid insights from a leading expert through a focused yet informal setting to give non-specialists a uniquely accessible window into frontline research and scholarship that wouldn't otherwise be encountered through standard lectures and textbooks. For other books in this series visit our website: https://ideasroadshow.com/.

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September 30, 2020
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