Sizzling Sex for Life

by Michael Castleman (Author)
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Michael Castleman, the world's most popular sex expert, has written the most comprehensive, authoritative, reassuring, and practical guide to lifelong pleasure for men and the women who love them. Library Journal calls him “one of the nation’s top health writers.”

Medical journalist Michael Castleman has answered more than 12,000 sex questions throughout his career, including on his website, through his "All About Sex" blog on Psychology Today, or even when he used to answer all the sex questions for Playboy’s “Advisor” column in the '90s. From his numerous years of experience comes this, the most thorough consumer sexuality guide ever written. It’s full of state-of-the-art sex information and sage advice, all written by a decades-long trusted sex author.
Sizzling Sex for Life addresses men, but is exquisitely sensitive to women’s sexual sensibilities. While it focuses on sexual enhancement and the resolution of individual and couple sex problems, it transcends similar books by delving into social/political sexual issues, including school sex education and pornography—and in today’s fraught #MeToo environment, prevention of sexual assault and harassment. This compelling, sex-positive guide will benefit men and women, from the teen years to old age. It offers an in-depth investigation of sexual issues throughout the lifespan, based on 2,500 studies published over the past seventy years—more source material by far than any other sex guide. 

This book truly does it all, and does it respectfully. It reassures men that their sexual concerns can usually be happily resolved with self-help or brief professional therapy: penis size issues, premature ejaculation, orgasm/ejaculation difficulties, arousal problems, and erectile dysfunction. It comforts women that they can rediscover lost libido, have orgasms every time, and cure their sexual pain. It assures couples that their leading sexual complaint, desire differences, can usually be resolved to mutual satisfaction. It reassures parents that they can maintain their sex lives, provide effective sex education to their children, and survive today’s young-adult hook-up culture. It informs the elderly and those with chronic illnesses and disabilities that great sex is still possible. It reassures sexual minorities that they are psychologically normal and that LGBT sex, BDSM, and consensual non-monogamy are more popular than most people believe.

Whether for procreation, relationship affirmation, or just for fun, lovemaking is normal, healthy, nurturing, often therapeutic, and usually emotionally satisfying. Whether you're looking to learn more, have a specific question, or just want to spice things up between the sheets, this is your ultimate guide to better enjoy one of life's top pleasures.

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